Having Fun Outdoors

Being outdoors is a vital part of every child’s development, they learn about the world around them and experience new environments that stimulate their senses and help promote the importance of health and wellbeing.

At Munchkins we are have a fabulous outdoor space that has been carefully designed to incorporate a variety of physically challenging and engaging activities.

The baby room also have their own private garden, that is secure and age appropriate to ensure that every child has access to the great outdoors.


Within our gardens we have:

  • Playhouses
  • Climbing structures
  • Slides
  • Dens
  • Gazebo with outdoor classroom
  • Communication spaces
  • Water wall.
  • Fruit & Vegetable patches 
  • Trikes, scooters and tandem trikes.
  • The baby garden 'Sensory lodge'

    Baby Room Garden 

The baby garden benefits from having a ‘sensory lodge’ which is a giant playhouse on multiple levels designed and purpose built for the under 2’s. Babies are able to explore and exercise in a fun outdoor environment which is accessible all throughout the year.

   Toddler & Pre-school Garden

The various climbing structures take prime position in the toddler / pre-school garden which provide huge opportunities for open-ended, risky adventurous play, as well as imaginative role-play for the over 2's.