Inside Our Nursery

Munchkins has been carefully designed to be light, bright & open plan, yet it offers dedicated areas that section the rooms into specific zones to provide cosy, imaginative & creative areas to stimulate any child’s need to develop & explore.

Parents of children 2 years + access the nursery via the Main Entrance which can be found at the front of the building. Visitors can only gain entry to the porch (holding area) as the internal door is locked. Parents ring the bell to alert staff & once identified the door is personally opened.

Munchkins has CCTV that streams live 24 hours per day. Cameras are located in the car park informing staff of arrivals prior to visitors entering the building. There are further cameras: in the porch, the baby room entrance and finally there is a camera that overlooks the side outdoor play area.

Munchkins have erected iron railings that extend from the Car Park to the Main Entrance to ensure the safety of our children entering & leaving the premises from the nearby road.

Munchkins Reception Area

Toddler & Early years rooms

Munchkins Baby Room (1st Floor)

The Baby Room has its own private entrance that is approached directly from the car park. Parents use the video intercom to announce their presence & once their identity has been confirmed are ‘buzzed’ into the building. They then proceed up the staircase to the first floor where there is an internal locked door.